The Contest

Send us your best drawing of a character, object, or place that exists only in your imagination. We may publish it in Cricket!

Will your draw a strange, mythical creature? A fantastic, futuristic invention or machine? A glorious hero, formidable villain, or a magical place or object? Will your art portray a sci-fi world of the future, a time long past, or perhaps a land that exists only in myth and legend? Maybe you will illustrate one of the characters or fantasy objects you find on the Crowd-Sorcery thread on the Chatterbox, or be inspired to add a new one you make up yourself. While on the Chatterbox you can also enjoy previous episodes of the Crowd-Sorcery serial, “The Girl Who Writes the Future,” and see how illustrator Emily Fiegenschuh creates her fantasy art.


  1. Your contest entry must be your very own original work. Ideas and words should not be copied.
  2. If you’re 17 years old or younger, your online entry must be uploaded as part of an electronic Submission Form and be accompanied by a signed Permission & Release form from your parent or guardian, saying it is your own original work, that no help was given, and granting Cricket permission to publish prizewinning entries in the May/June 2015 issue or on our website.
  3. Be sure to include your name, age, and full address on your online entry.
  4. Only one entry per person, please.
  5. Incomplete online entries (that is not containing a completed Submission Form entered by an individual in connection with his/her ePals account [that is, by a parent/teacher/ or student account holder (if eligible)] and/or missing a signed parental Permission & Release Form) cannot be considered.
  6. Your entry must be received by February 25, 2015.
  7. Submit online entries here.