Playing Tumba, Bean, Leaf Wrap

Submitted by: Shubhara-Shivanjali ,16 years old



10 thoughts on “Playing Tumba, Bean, Leaf Wrap”

  1. Rupinder Kaur says:

    Laudable efforts!!!!

  2. Archna Kapoor says:

    Superb talent..Fantastic

  3. Priya says:

    Wow! Music from a leaf! Amazing!!!

  4. Geeta Kohli says:

    An awesome piece of folk art

  5. Ritika Gupta says:

    Good word children, explored an antique piece of folk art work. Very informative.

  6. Manisha Shukla says:

    Very Nice

  7. Manisha Shukla says:

    Nice and informative piece of folk art!

  8. isha says:

    Nice one.

  9. Shuchita G says:

    Amazing work…..India is full of such talent and such talented students….keep it up.

  10. Shreya Sharma says:

    Wow!!!….Woderfull it was….MR kashinath you are the best…god bless you and your family …and I love love love the video.

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