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Tips and Tricks for Conducting Your Interview

Tips and tricks by Sylvie Wise and Liz Hoffmeyer

  • Try making a practice recording before your interview so that you’re familiar with your equipment.
  • Carefully set up your camera during your interview, so you get a clear shot of your tradition bearer. Try setting down the camera on a flat surface, so it doesn’t shake!
  • Make sure you’re recording in a very quiet space, so that you don’t get feedback or background noise on your recording.
  • Have questions written down in front of you during your interview. At the same time, listen carefully to what your tradition bearer is saying—and don’t be afraid to ask a question about a topic that comes up even if you haven’t written it down!
  • Ask your tradition bearer beforehand if you can record them practicing their tradition. When you are editing your video, you can split up the interview with footage of the tradition itself.
  • Keep in mind while you are editing your video that your goal is to share the story of your tradition bearer as clearly as possible.