Durga Worship

Submitted by: Chayan B, Age 9 years old


17 thoughts on “Durga Worship”

  1. Jayanthi Srikant says:

    Well done Chayan! lovely perspective of interviewing the priest.God bless you.

  2. somdutta banerjee says:

    Well done

  3. manas banerjee says:

    Good work

  4. mohuya chatterjee says:

    Well done my son

  5. kalyani roy says:

    Our indian culture

  6. debapriya mukherjee says:

    Good job

  7. disha singh says:

    Proud of u

  8. dilip banerjee says:

    Awesome work

  9. rubai Mukherjee says:

    Good work

  10. mamta jain says:

    Indian culture is very scientific

  11. rahul bose says:

    Excellent work

  12. rahul bose says:


  13. pritam singh says:

    Good work done by a little bou

  14. firoz khan says:

    Good thinking

  15. samrat ghosh says:

    Good work

  16. piu roy says:

    Not too bad

  17. rimo roy says:


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