Submitted by: Dante K, Age 14 years old

(United States of America)

2 thoughts on “Lowrider”

  1. Gary G5 says:

    hi my name is Gary Gates and I’ve been low riding sense 1976 75 and now these days we do a thing call hopping. the lowrider world has changed alot.we Chrome the undercarriage for the car to look good we spend money on expensive Paint for the car to look good and every kid in town young and old love lowriding..we could go on and on with the interview and we will never come to the end cuz lowrider never die it just . first time I Hop a car I feel in love with it. All i got to say once you get in a low rider it a different world.

  2. Emily says:

    What a great presentation! Very engaging. Love the interview, photos and videos! Well done, Dante!

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