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  • Preview the Challenge Review the folklorist process, watch the videos and check the scoring guide to know what’s expected.
  • Plan Your Time: Make a schedule to complete each step and meet the deadline.
  • Join the Discussion: Talk to other student folklorists around the globe and learn from an expert folklorist.


  • Fieldwork: Interview your tradition bearer and collect photos, video and/or audio. Use the Fieldwork Notebook and Interview Guide to plan and document the process.
  • Prepare Submission: Tell the tradition bearer’s story in under 6 minutes through a video or slideshow presentation.


  • Review Your Entry: Ask your tradition bearer as well as a friend, teacher or parent to view your entry and provide feedback.
  • Check the rules, scoring guide and the submission checklist to make sure your entry is awesome.

Expert Voice

  • The Final Push!

    Make sure your video is no more than six minutes long. We want to hear your unique style and voice- make sure your video is a conversation. Adjust sounds volumes if needed. If you choose to include music, make sure we can still hear dialogue. If some parts of your video are difficult to hear, […]

  • Tips and Tricks for Conducting Your Interview

    Tips and tricks by Sylvie Wise and Liz Hoffmeyer Try making a practice recording before your interview so that you’re familiar with your equipment. Carefully set up your camera during your interview, so you get a clear shot of your tradition bearer. Try setting down the camera on a flat surface, so it doesn’t shake! […]

  • What is a Folklorist?

    Hello! Who knows what a folklorist does? I do! I’m Jim and I have traveled around the world in my job as a folklorist. Watch this short video to get ready for the Challenge. Use the space below to chat with me. I’d love to help you with the Challenge and answer any questions you […]

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Students Speak

  • Ask

    Running into speedbumps as a folklorist? No worries! Post your questions here to get help from each other and our Global Folklorist Ambassadors from Smithsonian Institution.

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  • Share

    Share your experience with other student Folklorists! Tell about the tradition you chose and your tradition bearer. Share your best interview questions and fieldwork experiences.

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