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Join us in congratulating all the global folklorists from around the world who shared their communities' cultures and traditions. From the many exceptional entries, a panel of ePals and Smithsonian judges present the winners.

Individual Winners

Winner: Ages 8-10

From Green Leaves to Green Tea

Sophia L, age 10

22015 Votes
Winner: Ages 11-13

Tarakasi: Silver Filigree

Apoorva S, age 13

66085 Votes
Winner: Ages 14+


Assem S, age 17

151187 Votes

Team Winners

Winner: Ages 8-10
Thumb Winners

The Tradition of Crabbing in Maryland

Madison K, age 10
Anna R, age 10
Ayliana M, age 11
Meredith A, age 10
Eileen L, age 11
Lily P, age 10
Margaret L, age 10
Unites States

130 Votes
Winner: Ages 11-13
Thumb Winners

Lucia Celebration in Sweden

Jacob H, age 12
Siri W, age 12
Amanda W, age 12
Vanessa E, age 12
Casper D, age 12

311 Votes
Winner: Ages 14+
Thumb Winners

The Sounds of Anklets: A Valluvanadan Tapestry

Fidha, age 15
Mecha K, age 16

218565 Votes

Honorable Mention Winners