Thanks to a musical biography with energetic music and snappy lyrics, Alexander Hamilton is a Broadway star—two centuries after his death. COBBLESTONE Magazine started to wonder, what other U.S. historical figures besides our “ten-dollar Founding Father” are waiting in the wings for someone to write their opening song? Welcome to the Alexander Hamilton Challenge: Rap Into History!


We have a winner! Many thanks to all who participated in the Alexander Hamilton Challenge: Rap Into History Contest! The entries covered some worthy U.S. figures, from Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. The raps themselves showed an impressive level of creativity, research, and humor, and the competition was tight. We are pleased to announce that the judges selected a rap about Susan B. Anthony as the winner. Congratulations to Eden, age 13.


While you’re here, be sure to read the Bonus Content on this site: our writer’s story of her night on Broadway, and an interview with a cast member of Hamilton: An American Musical.

11/4 Submission Deadline · 11/18 Winners Announced