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  • Decide:  Either complete the required four Invention steps or do all seven for a chance at a patent.
  • Look Ahead: Check the Scoring Guide now to see how your entry will be judged.
  • Plan Your Time: Make a schedule to complete each step and meet the deadline.


  • Invent: Follow the Spark!Lab process and use the resources below to help!
  • Take Notes: Use the Inventor’s Notebook resource to record your ideas and work.
  • Join the Discussion: Talk to other student inventors from around the globe and get advice from an expert.
  • Prepare Submission: Complete one of our templates or create your own. You may want to create a video.


  • Review Your Entry:  Ask a friend, teacher, or parent to read or view your entry and provide feedback.
  • Check the guidelines and the scoring guide to make sure your entry is awesome.

Expert Voice

  • Think It

    Step 1: Think It

    I hope you’ve started the invention process! Watch this video about the first step: Think It.

  • Thomas Edison

    National Inventors’ Day

    In 1983, President Reagan proclaimed February 11th National Inventors’ Day in the United States. If you are not living in the US, do you know what day your country celebrates Inventors’ Day?

  • Handwash

    Top 10 Things Successful Inventors Do

    Successful inventors often have their own style or way of doing things. I have listed ten things I have seen over the years that I think are common for successful inventors. See if you can learn from any, or all of them.

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Students Speak

  • Ask

    Running into speed bumps in your invention process? No worries! Post your questions here to get help from each other and our Invent It Student Ambassadors (winners from last year).

    66 Replies

  • React

    Test your invention idea by getting feedback from others!  Present your invention idea to kid inventors around the world.  To get the best feedback ask a specific question.  Report your findings and how you used them to tweak your invention.

    2 Replies

  • Share

    Did you find a great website, video, book, magazine, blog or any resource that’s helped you as an inventor?  Share your best resources!

    6 Replies

  • Talk

    You’re inventing with hundreds of kids around the world RIGHT NOW!  Here’s your space to get to know each other and talk what you’re inventing and how it will make a difference.

    3 Replies