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Running into speed bumps in your invention process?  No worries!  Post your questions here to get help from each other and our Invent It Student Ambassadors (winners from last year).

41 thoughts on “Ask”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If I make a prototype and then decide to redesign and not just tweak is should I include both designs in my presentation or just the second one with tweaks?

    1. Allison says:

      Hi. So, if you have a prototype and change it, you should still include the originial in your presentation because you can show how you improved your design to made your invention more successful. I hope this helped you and have fun with your invention!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Awesome. Thanks!

    2. Arjun says:

      You should include both, it shows the judges that you are continuously thinking about improvements in your project. It also demonstrates that overcame a problem through redesign. Have fun creating-All the best.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Awesome Thanks!

    3. Ava says:

      I would think both to see how you improved.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Even if you are completely starting over and not just tweaking, you should still include both prototypes because that shows that you are making progress.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thanks, that really helps!

  3. Melisa J says:

    I am a US citizen and live in Germany. Can a German friend of mine participate in the project with me?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yes, this is an international contest. It doesn’t matter where you live.

  4. Matthew says:

    Yes,it does not matter where you’re from.This is a global contest.

    1. Taha Y says:

      Oh Yes!

  5. Sophia J says:

    What invention did you guys create? I just wanted to know… :)

    1. Matthew says:

      last year I created something I like to call a Cot-Cart. It was an invention to help the homeless. It was a cart, and it had a cot attached to it.It basically transformed from a cart,which provided space for belongings and it helped to carry them,to a cot with a roof to sleep in.As of this year you’ll have to wait and see. Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you do this year!

  6. Palindrome says:

    So I”m brainstorming my invention idea. Should I try to come up with a fix for a really important problem that will make a big impact on the world, or something more trivial and fun? Please help me get started!

    1. Sophia J says:

      I think you should try and make an impact and then make a trivial, fun thing on your own, because (I’m just guessing here) the challenge is to help the world and help to make it better. This is just my opinion you can do whatever you want.

  7. Matthew says:

    Hi, you should definitely fix it to make an impact on the world, because remember, the challenge is to make something that will fix a world problem. I hope that helps you out!Good luck!

  8. Enzo (Kindergarten NDA Elementary) says:

    I want to share how my group made its invention. First, we thought of problems that we wanted to fix. Then we drew pictures of how we wanted our invention to work and then started building. Me and my group completed our invention.

  9. Juliette (Kindergarten NDA Elementary) says:

    My group and I came up with our invention idea because Ava in our group had a broken earring. We made an earring fixer but it didn’t come out exactly
    like we wanted but we are going to use it to fix the earring.

  10. Megan (Kindergarten NDA Elementary) says:

    My group and I wanted to make an invention to protect kids when they jump on the furniture because one of us got really hurt doing that. We wanted kids to be safe.

  11. NDA Kindergarten Class says:

    We spent many months learning about inventors and different inventions. We learned about Mattie Knight, Amelia Earhart, Madame CJ Walker, Leonardo DaVinci,
    and Alexander Graham Bell. We even compared farmers with inventors to see how they are the same. We learned that we need to use our brains and five senses. We We learned that inventors really need to think about what they want to make. We learned that scientists ask questions and that we love being scientists.

  12. hipster whale says:

    Would it be a good idea if I create a website or something you can interact with?

    1. Allison says:

      Yes, but make sure you don’t spend too much time making the website than the invention itself.

  13. Allie says:

    Thanks for all your help guys! I was the one with the first question up top! My friend and I got our project in today! I am all about inventing things so I was so excited for this challenge. I am thinking of becoming a patent lawyer when I grow up so I an save on legal fees for all my inventions. I can’t wait to have the judges see our invention! Shark Tank here we come!! Good luck to you all and thanks for all your responses to questions they were helpful!

    1. cate says:

      you should keep that ambition.

  14. Allie (again) says:

    Got an email saying to come back and tell about our experience! So I am back! I like to learn though building, so when our team came up with our first design, we kind of knew it would not work too well, but I built it anyway. And although we had to totally toss out our original design because it was a flop, (literally, it fell over) building it anyway turned out to be a good thing because by working with the materials I leaned more about building with them and it helped me think of our redesign idea which actually used many of the same materials in a new way. So don’t be afraid to get out there and just build, it might help you discover you next great ideas!

  15. Amr says:

    could you make a slideshow for selling a product?

    1. Matthew says:

      You could definitely create a slideshow to try and market your invention.Remember,you should always ask other people about your invention to see what other people think about it.Then,you can change it to fix some flaws or problems that someone finds.So yes,a slideshow is a good idea for marketing your invention.I hope this helps you!Good luck!

  16. Victoria says:

    what do you have to do for this contest or challenge

    1. Etie says:

      Hi, I can tell you this one! Think of a world health probelm, lets say litter. Now, think of something that could fix the probelm. Like, recycleing! Hope this helps!
      Etie ;)

  17. Mohammad Hossein E says:

    How can here ???????????????????? Help me

  18. Jack B says:

    How do I know if I won. I see my project under team winners for 2015 but I haven’t gotten an email or anything and the rules say I have to make contact about the competition within 5 days of the announcement so I am not sure what to do since it was announced yesterday.

  19. Alexandria.d says:

    How do I create a time machinen

  20. Inventor Girl says:

    I can’t come up with a problem, can you guys help me?

    1. Ava the Book lover says:

      What is a common issue that you have noticed? Maybe around town or in the family. Health problems, not having enough supplies for normal things like cooking, or even pet problems. You can just get out there and be yourself, Inventor Girl!

    2. ePals says:

      Ask this year’s ambassadors and they’ll be happy to help you brainstorm: http://challenges.epals.com/inventit2016/blog/2015/01/08/ask/

  21. ErinHudson says:

    What should I make

    1. ePals says:

      There are lots of ideas on the 2016 Challenge site! Check out this health topics resource: http://inventit.s3.amazonaws.com/inventit2016/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/HealthTopicsforChallenge_FINAL1.pdf

      You can also ask this year’s ambassadors and they’ll be happy to help you brainstorm: http://challenges.epals.com/inventit2016/blog/2015/01/08/ask/

  22. Ava the Book lover says:

    I am doing the 2016 invent it challenge about health. My idea is a diabetic watch that tests blood sugar every 3 1/2 hours, but I am not exactly happy with it and want to tweak it up. I need help! I don’t know what I could do to make this idea different but still the same.

    1. ePals says:

      Hi Ava,
      The Invent It Challenge for 2016 also has a discussion board for students. Check it out here: http://challenges.epals.com/inventit2016/blog/2015/01/08/ask/ I know this year’s ambassadors would love to help! Please repost your question there.

  23. Etie says:

    Now, do I need to make an invention, or can I write a problem and a solution?

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