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Final Tips from a Judge: Sell It

This Week’s Tips from Ms. Edwards:

Sell It – Once you have your final invention idea, you want people to start using it! How will you convince others to use your invention? Design an ad or commercial to sell it. What problem does your invention solve? How is it different from other inventions? Who should use it? Answer these questions to explain why your invention is best!


Past submitters have shared how they will sell their invention with video commercials, print ads or even just a well-thought out list of marketing ideas.

Got a question or comment for Ms. Edwards? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

3 thoughts on “Final Tips from a Judge: Sell It”

  1. Caroline Fluharty, Allie Johnston & Leah Bohannon says:

    We like your idea for a commercial, we were actually thinking about doing one.
    The problem that we are trying to solve is tangled up chargers and ear buds. It is different from others because it is all in one.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  2. Amr says:

    Could you make a slideshow?Please answer.

  3. Amr says:

    Where and how would I sell or commercial my idea

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