Cut n Feed

Submitted by: Ayaan M.,10 years old

(Karachi, Pakistan)


26 thoughts on “Cut n Feed”

  1. Fatima A says:

    Great thinking Ayaan , I am so proud of you


  2. Afshan says:

    An intelligent solution to a common problem. Very cost effective. Keep it up!!!

  3. sheelam zaidi says:

    wow. .A wonderful project ayan. .v useful solution for the problem which every woman faces..thanks for helping us out .

  4. Nice and very useful in kitchen says:

    Excellent project

  5. keyyan says:

    Good try bro

  6. great job Ayyan. keep working with the same zeal. says:

    Superb junior
    A must win project. :)

  7. karim says:

    Very nice

  8. Anonymous says:

    Great work keep it up!

  9. shabana Naveed says:

    Great job Aayan!

  10. mehr says:

    Excellent work Ayyan!

  11. sarah ahmed says:

    Well done, very informative

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is such a creative idea to recycle our stuff. .excellent and thought provoking..

  13. Sabeen Nauman says:

    This is such a creative idea to recycle our stuff. .excellent and thought provoking..

  14. sarah says:

    Well done

  15. danish says:

    Very nice and cost effective. I shall try the same at home for feeding birds and maintain cleanliness. Thanks

  16. Alice says:

    Great job and brilliant idea.

  17. Fareen Shaikh says:

    Very nice n informative presentation. And helpful for all the ladies as they are the one facing this problem in kitchens.

  18. Ms. Nida Adeel says:

    Its a great Idea Ayaan
    Keep it up

  19. Ghani A says:

    Great idea, presentation and execution Ayaan! The ladies and the birds will both be happy!

  20. Fouzia Shazad says:

    I am impressed. Keep it up. You have solved problem of every mother.

  21. Amna Mirza says:

    Great work Ayaan :) creative thinking! Keep it up:)

  22. Fatima A says:

    Ayaan , you can work more on the advertising part next time as Philippa Rappoport says.All my best wishes!

  23. Rubina Akbar says:

    Well done Ayaan.
    Great Idea

  24. Tazeen Umer says:

    Great job.Keep ot up!

  25. Tazeen Umer says:

    Great job.Keep it up!

  26. nehaiqbal says:


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