Power Generating Floor

Submitted by: Kabeer L.,11 years old

(Karachi, Pakistan)


19 thoughts on “Power Generating Floor”

  1. Fatima A says:

    Great Thinking Kabeer, you made me so proud!

    Fatima Ahsan

    1. kabeer says:

      thank you teacher

  2. Saleem Lakhani says:

    Good work and wonderful idea to save the energy

    Keep it up

  3. Noureen says:

    innovative idea to convert and save energy.

  4. Ghani A says:

    Great thought. Well presented, Kabir!

  5. Fouzia Shazad says:

    I really loved. If it works well then we can overcome the problem of power generation in our country.

  6. alina says:

    Great work dear

  7. faiza naz says:

    Such an excellent idea! We should implejent it

  8. rubab ali says:

    Good work

  9. Shazia says:

    Great work – Kabeer

  10. Jenifer says:

    its really a good idea -

  11. Amit says:

    its a daily life problem and this project is the solution

  12. Zeeshan Aslam says:

    good idea keep it up!

  13. Thomas N. says:

    Great job on showing how your invention works.It is a good idea to save electricity and to save the enviorment.

  14. Jack says:

    This is an awesome invention!

  15. Tazeen Umer says:


  16. Ayaz Aziz says:

    Amazing invention, we can reduce load shedding problem in the world.

  17. greg says:

    super cool kabeer
    i can use it at home

  18. Kabeer Lakhani says:

    thank you friends fellows and teachers

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