More Tips from a Judge: Sketch It and Create It

This Week’s Tips from Ms. Edwards:

Sketch It – Once you have a basic concept of what your invention will be, make some simple sketches of your idea. These do not have to be perfect or artistic. Sketches simply help you take the idea in your head and put it on paper. Sketches can help you think through not only what your invention will look like, but how it will work. You may want to make several sketches of your invention – from the front, side, looking down from above, or from the inside to show how it works. Be sure to label your sketches to explain how the various parts and pieces function.


Past winners have sketched by hand or with computer assistance. Either way is great! Just make sure you label and give different perspectives of your invention!

Create It – For many inventors, this step is the most fun of the invention process! This is where you create a prototype, or model, of your invention. Using your sketches as a guide, you’ll build your first prototype. Remember, this doesn’t have to be perfect or even work! It’s just the next step in the process and allows you to take your concept and put it into three-dimensional form. To build your model, try to use materials that you already have. Items from your recycling bin and scraps from other projects can be great resources. Remember the model does not need to actually work, but it should show others what the pieces and parts look like.


Have fun building your invention. Take lots of photos to share with the judges. And remember, it doesn’t have to work but it should give the judges a 3D idea of the size and function of your invention!

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