More Tips from a Judge: Try It and Tweak It


This Week’s Tips from Ms. Edwards: 

Try It - Once your prototype is finished, ask friends, teachers, parents, and neighbors to try it. It’s even better if you ask people you interviewed in the Think it step or someone who is affected by the health challenge you’re trying to solve. What do they like? What suggestions do they have for making your invention better? Be sure to write down what they say about your invention so you have helpful notes for the next step of the process.

Past young inventors have shared their “try it” results as data tables, quotes from testers/interviews and even as videos of the testing process. In your presentation, show that you put time into testing what you created and having others give feedback too.

Tweak It – Using the feedback you got from the Try it step, identify ways you can improve your invention. Do you want to modify the design or change the materials it’s made from? Do you want to add a new part to your invention, or take something away to make it simpler? Many inventors try and tweak and then try again to keep improving their idea until they get it just the way the want it!

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