The Gwater Bottle Gutter

Submitted by: Noelle B., 7 years old; Holli B., 7 years old; Jackson B., 8 years old; Brenah C., 8 years old; Sydney C., 7 years old; Alexis E., 8 years old; Bennett G., 8 years old;

(Virginia, US)

3 thoughts on “The Gwater Bottle Gutter

  1. Amazing invention. I hope that these are actually produced and used in homes to help with renewable energy!

  2. The team from Red Mill is very excited to see their ‘Gwater Bottle Gutter’ has helped them win! Outstanding!!!

  3. You have a few days left to enter! Don’t wait until the last minute though. Your parents have to submit a permission form when you enter. So now is a good time to get that printed, signed and scanned so you can upload easily when you enter! I never wait until the last minute when given a deadline, just in case something goes wrong. Then you have time to find a way to fix it. Or ask questions.

  4. Guess what?! It’s less than 10 days away from the deadline for submitting your invention. You got this! Make sure you have everything you need finished and it looks nice. Don’t forget to double-check your work. Maybe ask a teacher or parent to help you look over your work. I’m sure you had a great time working on your invention.

  5. Create It! It’s a very important step in the process. It’s okay to make mistakes in the building process, because mistakes help you learn what works best. Just make sure you have extra materials so you don’t run out of something. You might want to make many versions of the product until you come up with the final design that you like the best. Experiment with different materials, and different uses for your creation. And my favorite part is the testing after you have created something on your own.

  6. Share it! This is a step I say belongs hooked onto every step in the Inventive process! I didn’t always think this though. I used to think I needed to keep my ideas a secret out of fear that someone might steal or copy. And if I did share I was afraid people might not like my ideas and say so.
    But… I found out the opposite is true when it comes to sharing your ideas during an inventive process. Share Share Share! We live in a collaborative world these days. This means everyone works together to solve problems and develop new ideas. I found out that when I share my ideas it makes inventing something new easier. I get tips, I get advice, I get a new way of looking at something. I share my ideas for inventions with anyone who wants to listen. People who know a lot about the topic I am working on, and even people who don’t. I find even when I share with those who don’t, they actually know someone else who does know more about it and then they encourage me to tell them to get even more advice. This is great for when you get stuck, or have a tough day when nothing works out. If everyone knows about it, they are all there to encourage you to get through the tough spot.
    Think it- Share what you are thinking about fixing with someone.
    Explore it- Find someone else who has worked on similar things and share what you are doing too, they can help you brainstorm!
    Sketch-it- Show your sketches to people to help you explain what you are thinking of making, see if they have any ideas that will or will not work before you start building.
    Create it: Share the ups and downs of what you are building with friends. They can encourage you if something gets rough.
    Try-it: Share it with EVERYONE to see how it works. Take their feedback and save it for…
    Tweak it: Sometimes it is easier for others to see something that can be made better than it can be for you to see yourself because, hey you think what you made is cool already. Changing that can be hard, but if everyone says the same thing to tweak, then you know you have to take a look at that thing for sure!
    Sell it: This is always the easiest and most fun place to share, because you are done and people just think you are cool then!

  7. Hi! My name is Makaila J and I won an Honorable Mention in the 8-10 category last year. I really like astronomy, math, reading, engineering, and rockets. Last year I invented a design for shoes that would set off an alarm if someone accidentally wandered into water. I got the idea because I read about a problem I cared about and thought about what I could do to help solve it. The problem was people with memory issues and small children can go into water and getting hurt when they forgot where they were going or got lost. I thought about how I could help.

    That is one of my biggest pieces of advice – choose something that you can about and have a passion for when you think about your invention. Can wait to answer your questions!

    1. Hi Nathan. Good question. I invented a frost bite warning system last year. It would beep when the temperature in my glove got too cold so I knew to go inside to warm up. I invented it because I got frostbite and was afraid to play outside after that.

      The year before I invented a soccer goalie trainer that looked like a gorilla that swung back and fourth in the goal hanging from the top of the soccer goal. It was so you could practice aiming for the goal corners and you didn’t hurt your goalie in practices.

      I have invented many other things as well. The first step is finding a problem than think of a way to solve it.

  8. I make myself sure you to got my sent project whether I planned to realize this project it is with my sudents’ consent including parents’ neighors even teachers’ nevertheless I would ask you to hold account to the poor countries realities. For us this time we attend our courses in the straw hangar classroom for that we want to resolve this environment problem before attacking another but for this is of studying in international standard.
    I am impressed our project doen’t framework with our idea.
    Therefore I asked to really help me to reflect all over on something which touches the classrooms building because it’s our first reflecting for 2017.

  9. your explaining was amazing but if your stuck how do you brainstorm ideas??What i”m saying is how do you think of great ideas that people in the world want then how do you start that business??

    1. Hey Ariana, Great question. It can be hard sometimes to think of an idea. There are times when I search for a problem to solve too. Ask family, parents, friends, teachers, and everyone you know if they can think of a problem to solve. They may have seen something you have not. This year’s theme with environment, look around your community. Do you see anyplace where pollution might be an issue? How can you change that with an invention? Find a problem by observing, listening, asking, or even think of a problem you yourself may have. Hope this helps.

  10. Hey this is Allie W. Last year’s 8-10 year old winner. One thing I asked two years ago to the past winners was if I had a prototype that totally flopped and was not just tweaked should I still include it in my prototype or just not mention it. They told me to write down and include EVERYTHING, even the failed ideas because it’s about the invention process not just the end finished result. So don’t just dump that failed attempt, document it and tell the judges about the work you did! It got me an honorable mention that year!

  11. Hi my name is Eve. I live in Springs NY, USA. I like to draw and invent things to solve problems. I also love to travel and see different places and cultures. Last year I invented “Cat Armor”. I got this idea because my cat kept on scratching me when I played with her and we were too afraid to cut her nails. I invented the Cat Armor so you could still play with your cat but it would to prevent you from getting scratched or bitten.
    I love all animals, so the problem I solved was something I was really interested in. If I hadn’t solved it, I’d still be getting scratched by my cat. If you’re going to enter this contest, and you can’t think of an idea, think of something you love to do, you have a problem with or are concerned about and solve that problem. Good luck!

    1. Testing your prototype is one of the most important steps in the invention process. If your idea doesn’t work out the first time you may have to re-design your idea or totally change your idea and start with a new design. When testing you can really see which parts need to be worked on. If you don’t test your prototype, it might look good but won’t function in a way that will solve the problem you are trying to solve.

      It is a good idea to have other people try your prototype because someone else’s opinion can make you see things you might not have seen before and you can see things from a different perspective.

  12. Hi, I am Santana. I am 10 years old and live in Georgia, USA. My hobbies are playing soccer, exploring nature, acting and dance. I also enjoy science and playing outside with my friends. My family and I do a lot of hiking together and that helped me come up with an idea for my invention, which I won honorable mention last year. On one hiking trip, I fell and hurt myself, but we didn’t have anything with us to help my injury. So I thought about inventing something that I could take on hikes with me. I invented the B.O.S.S. (Be Outside Safely Stick) Stick. It is a hiking stick that has many compartments to hold medical supplies and safety gadgets. I had a lot of fun working on this project with my mom and dad. I think you should try the Spark Lab Invent It Challenge if you like to build and create things to help with daily problems. Think about what you want to build or learn more about. You may come up with lots of ideas, but try to focus on one at a time. Ask a lot of questions and stay committed to your project. I’m sure you will have tons of fun! Good luck!!

  13. Hi, I am Amin Jawed from Karachi Pakistan, which is the one of poor developing country of South Asia, where about 2 million people are blind. My hobby is to search for new innovative things and to help people. I figured out the difficulties that blind people face to take medicine independently. Keeping the same in mind, I came up with idea of inventing “MEDICiNE LEVEL INDICATOR” last year with the help of my father. This is an instrument which has 2 parts the medicine container and the battery unit. Initially someone can set the indicator to required measured dose of medicine, then each time when the blind person start pouring the medicine it will alarm when it reaches to the desired dose. I submitted my invention in the competition and I won in the age category 11-13 years.
    While working on this project I really enjoyed as it was a great learning experience and helped me in gaining confidence for solving day to day problems, thus I encourage you to enter in the competition because you also get recognition for something you invent.
    I am there to guide all those who need help and want to be a part of this inventing process.
    For more detail watch a video
    Good Luck!

  14. Hi, I’m Allie and I am from South Dakota, USA. I enjoy soccer, tennis, reading, inventing, Youtubing, and robotics. last year I won the 8-10 year old individual category for my invention, the Frost Stopper. It is a temperature sensing glove that will sense if you are about to get frostbite so you can go inside and warm up. The year before I got an honorable mention with my friend Chase for the Goal-rilla Soccer Helper, which teaches you to shoot in the goal corners.
    I encourage you to enter in the competition because it is really fun and it was a great learning experience. You also get recognition for something you invented.
    One of the things that helped me in my decision was to find a problem in my daily life and think of a way to solve it. It means more if the problem has an effect on you personally because you have a great motivation to solve it. For example last year I actually got frostbite, and needed a way to be confident playing outside without worrying about getting frostbite again. That is when I knew what my project would be. If you have no problems find someone close to you who does and who you want to help!
    Good Luck! I can’t wait to see what you come up with, and feel free to ask me any questions you want along the way!

    1. This is one of the greatest idea if ever heard of sports are fun and what your invention does just makes it more better for when its cooled outside and no causes of frostbite.

      1. Thanks! Have you thought of a problem to solve yet? Make sure you write everything down, even the dead end ideas or struggles. It’s all about the process of inventing, not just the end product!

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